The Impact of Coronavirus on Job Searches for 2020

The impact of Coronavirus is being felt in almost all countries across the globe. With so many industries and individuals having no real idea just how long this situation is truly going to last, people have questions, and lots of them.

In this post, we wanted to review the impact of Covid-19 on the job search market and offer the best guidance we can to our followers, fans, and all those in the market for a new job right now.

Contrary to popular belief, not all industries are going to grind to a halt because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, we live in a digital age, which gives us both accessibility and flexibility. While it’s highly likely that all markets and sectors are certainly going to feel the effects of this pandemic, people are still going to be hiring and forging ahead with their plans for 2020.

From retail to health, the tech sector, travel, sports, entertainment, real estate, and more, the economic impacts are being felt across every industry. The global supply chain is severely impacted, and with reduced labor, the knock-on effect is still yet to be fully realized.

But – If you want to get hired during an economic downturn, then you need to keep searching! It really is that simple.


What can job seekers do during the Coronavirus pandemic?

We know that so many visitors to our blog are people who are looking to land their next job in Australia. As such, we wanted to put together a quick list of tips and practical things you can do to lessen the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on your job search.


 Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Will people really be reviewing applications for jobs right now?
  • Are companies going to be hiring staff this year?

Yes, and yes. Most companies will still be adhering to their operational plans for 2020. Despite the current situation, not all companies are going to be slowing down, and recruitment needs, targets, and objectives will still be on the table.

Hiring managers who are forced to work remotely will still need to show progress. While they might need to conduct phone and video interviews, instead of in-person meetings; those cogs will still need to turn.

It goes without saying that the job search market in Australia is always going to be busy, and it could even become busier while more people have more free time on their hands.


There’s No Time Like the Present

Yes, we did just say that!

If you are thinking about postponing your job search with a view that things may change anytime soon, then don’t. Keep up with your job search and keep writing your applications!

Timing is essential in the job market, and without exception, you need to make sure you don’t lose any pace with your job search.

So many people believe that recruitment stops over the holidays or during the summer when this just isn’t true. So, even in what may seem to be a slow or sluggish time for the economy, that shouldn’t impact your efforts.

Consider this.

If 50% of the population who were in the job market, decide that they don’t believe a company is going to be hiring right now. And, as a result of this, they either stop or down their search. However, you continue with your search as usual; who is going to be in a stronger position? Who has the edge over the competition?

You, of course.


Be Patient – Be Persistent

Without being able to offer any finite predictions, we think it’s safe to say that things could move a little slower than usual. However, companies have their processes, and even before we knew of Coronavirus, they have always taken the time they need to process applications, shortlist candidates, and arrange interviews. With some of the most sought-after jobs, this process has been known to take upwards of 12 weeks.

The speed of the application and hiring process will ultimately depend on the individual company, the urgency of the hire, and their business plans for the year ahead. Another key factor to consider is that right now, HR departments across the nation are trying to accommodate new remote working arrangements. Without a doubt, this is going to place additional workloads on these individuals and departments, and proactive activities, such as recruitment, might take place at a much slower pace. However, this does not mean there will be no recruitment progress; it just means that the process will take a little longer.

Be positive, remain patient, and if following up on any application or interview, be mindful that the individual, the department, and the company will all be under pressure at this moment in time.


TIP: Update Your Resume

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you highlight any relevant experience working remotely, working from home, or working in the field autonomously. Employers might be having to consider hiring people to work from home initially, and a great way to help yourself stand out in this current environment is by highlighting your integrity, reliability, communicativeness, and if applicable, any experience working remotely.

You never know, it could be the deciding differentiator that puts your application ahead of others.


In Summary

If you thought coronavirus is going to completely halt all requirements efforts both locally and internationally, then we hope this post offers both inspiration and motivation as to the potential of what could happen over the coming weeks and months of the year.

Control the things that are within your power to do so, and try and maximize your efforts, regardless of the Coronavirus and any subsequent events. Don’t let this news dampen or hinder your job search in any way.

Stay focused, stay committed, and keep on searching.


Your dream job could be closer than you think!

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