Interview Tips -The Importance of Preparation

So, you have already spent what feels like weeks and months of hunting down jobs in the local area, you’ve spoken to countless agencies, updated your resume and written a killer cover letter. Finally, your job interview is imminent. What next?

Turn up, look smart, land the job.


Interview Preparation Tips

Thus far, the company you have applied for a job to work in have only seen you on paper and perhaps spoken to you briefly over the phone. However, your interview is the all-important final piece of the puzzle, and most likely the only thing that is now standing between you and your next job offer.

“If you fail to prepare, then you should prepare to fail.”

Regardless of the position, you have applied for, the company or the salary, you must take time to prepare for your interview ahead of your meeting.

Going to an interview for a job is a nerve-wracking experience in itself. Regardless of how experienced you are, it doesn’t always get easier with practice as there is always an element of surprise. Whether that be in the form of the interview style, the questions, or the interviewer; you are going to be put on the spot and questioned.

Here are a few tips to help you nail your interview preparation skills.

#1 Research the Business

Take time to research the company that you are hoping to join. Take time to fully understand the position you are applying for and the organization as a whole. It will ease some of those pre-interview nerves, and it will also demonstrate to the employer that you care about the interview and that you understand the business.

Use their website, use LinkedIn, and use social media. Look at their community or social pages, understand the different services or products they offer, and try to come up with a couple of relevant questions to ask throughout or at the end of your interview.

A typical interview will always involve them asking you about the company and the role to check your understanding of what you are expected to do in your role, and that you understand the type of business that you are looking to join.

#2 Review the Role and Refresh Your Knowledge of your own Resume

Taking just an extra hour to refresh your knowledge of the position and making sure you can eloquently relay examples of your past experiences that are relevant to the job is another key interview preparation technique. Do not assume that they will have already done this for you. The person who is interviewing you might not always be the same person who screened your resume and shortlisted you for the post.

Make sure you are fully versed on the requirements and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

#3 Arrive Early and Plan Your Route

While this might seem straightforward, taking a little extra time to plan ahead which route you will take and allowing yourself extra time for delays is crucial. The last thing you want to do is start on the backfoot by arriving late or flustered due to traffic or unexpected delays.

#4 Be Prepared and Look the Part

Always print out a couple of extra copies of your resume to take with you on the day. If there are more than one interviewer and only one resume on the table, providing an extra one or two for the other people will leave a lasting impression of someone who is prepared and organized.

Get your interview clothes ready the night before your interview as this will alleviate the things you need to do on the all-important day. The fewer things that can go wrong on the day, the better.

These four tips alone will help you arrive on the day feeling prepared and ready for action. Make sure you do them all, and you might be pleasantly surprised at just how relaxed you feel on the day if your next job interview.

Photo credits: Andrew Neel

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