How to land yourself an apprentice or trainee position with a new employer

If you want to know the best way to get a trainee position or apprenticeship with an employer, then it’s a great way to earn some real vocational experience and gain access to new skills. However, with no former work experience and no connections in the right place, landing a role that like this isn’t easy; but, it’s not impossible either!

Finding Apprenticeships and Trainee Jobs in Australia

Although there is a range of sites and agencies that can help you find a temporary or permanent job, there aren’t any dedicated places where you can find out about trainers or apprenticeships posts. Because the agencies generally won’t be paid a commission, there is no real incentive for them to advertise or promote these opportunities. So, it’s usually left down to the employers themselves. They might approach local colleges or advertise on their own websites, but these posts aren’t often easy to find!

#1 You Need to Know How to Sell Yourself – In Person and In Writing

When these types of positions come up, then you can expect to be up against some fierce competition. Being able to stand out from the crown and articulate to employers why they should hire you is essential.

#2 The Right Skillset

When you start a new job as a trainee or apprentice, you are often required to learn new skills from the ground up. Being able to follow instructions, retain information, listen and be a good team player are all essential soft skills for these types of positions. So, you need to make sure that you highlight and demonstrate these skills and attributes whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

#3 Know Your Strengths

You might not realise it, but everybody has a unique selling point! If you are uncertain of what your strengths are, asking friends, family or former colleagues for their opinion can help you get started. Even if you have very little work experience, try to draw from other areas of your life, such as hobbies, social life, or even during your education.

  • Are you good at meeting deadlines?

Then your strengths will probably be that you’re organised with good time management skills.

  • Are you very confident when you meet new people and don’t mind speaking up when needed?

Then your strengths will be that you are confident, good with people and enjoy working with others.

You do not need a ton of work history to have strengths and skills that could help you get a job as an apprentice; it’s just knowing what they are and making sure that you have examples of a time/times when you have demonstrated these skills in the past.

#4 Create a Great Resume

Whether this is your first time at writing your own resume or not, you will need to make sure it is tailored to the apprenticeship or trainee job you are applying for. You have to make it easy for the company to see why you are most suited to the role.

Useful Resume Writing Tips and Resources from Explore With Us

If you want to a list of tips for writing a resume, the article we posted a little while back will tell you everything you need to know about what to include.

With most jobs, especially those with an online application, you often need to add your resume and other details into an online form on a website. Use these tips to help ensure your resume gets you through the screening process.

With little or no job experience, knowing what to write on your resume can be a challenge. This post will give you a few key pointers about what type of information to include should you have no work experience.

#5 Be Enthusiastic and Present Yourself Well

Regardless of whether you are applying for your first or fiftieth apprenticeship job, always be upbeat and positive. Treat every application, follow-up call, and interview as if it is your first! Demonstrating you are positive, have energy, and that you are passionate are all great skills and they can help you to stand out and be noticed!

Presenting yourself well doesn’t just apply to the clothes you wear. It also refers to how you handle the application and the follow-up calls after you apply. Making sure your resume is free from any errors is key.

Even if you are applying to work in a trade, you will be expected to dress smartly for the interview. It doesn’t matter what you’re expected to wear when you get the job; looking smart and making an effort shows you care about making a good impression, and that you took time to plan a smart outfit to wear.

In Summary

Being new or inexperienced isn’t a bad thing. Employers often lie the fact you have no bad habits and can be trained in their precise manner and method. As an apprentice, the employer will usually be getting some form of government incentive to hire you, so they will benefit from the process as well.

When an employer trains you, you are more likely to remain loyal to their business. This isn’t just a perk for you, it helps your employer as well.  So, while finding the right type of apprenticeship or trainee job might not be a walk in the park, if you follow the tips provided in this post and read some of the other posts from our blog too!

We’re right here with you, and are always happy to help!

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